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Brighton, CO 80603
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The Grateful Dog
Pet Boarding
Open by appointment only.  All drop-offs and pick-ups and facility
tours must have an appointment.  Appointments are scheduled during the
following hours:

Monday-Friday:  8:00 am - 11:00 am OR  3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Saturday:  8:00 am -10:00 am only
Sunday:    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm only

Please plan your travel accordingly.  We are unable to accept any
appointments outside of these hours.

When no appointments are scheduled the facility is closed.
Boarding Rates:
Cat Condo:                     $13.00 / per night per cat
If requested, cats can share a condo and will get a double sized unit.

Dog Boarding:  (1st dog / per kennel)                 
Interior / Outside Run  
Standard Kennel
           $26.00 / per night          4' x 5'        4' x 12'
Medium Kennel            
  $32.00 / per night          6' x 5'        6' x 12'   
Large Kennel                 
 $38.00 / per night          8' x 5'        8' x 12'

50% discount for second dog sharing a kennel
(Dogs sharing a kennel must be able to eat together - we are unable to
separate dogs at feeding times - maximum 2 dogs per kennel for safety reasons - no exceptions)

Dog boarding rates include twice daily individual exercise in the large
outdoor play area.  For safety reasons, dogs from different owners are not
permitted to play together.